Yara Jubran

Title: Unleashing the promises of big data: Key steps for capturing value from big data


Due to the rapid development in information and computer technologies, we nowadays can generate, store and process big data more than ever. As a consequence, organizations can benefit from this significant development as it allows them to have more data at their disposal. However, for organizations to benefit from available data, the data has to be processed, extracted and converted into useful information that could lead to taking informed decision, yet, this is easier said than done.
Where there is a shared understanding of big data’s power and importance, many fail to perceive the actionable steps and resources required to utilize it effectively. And this lack of strategic planning -which enables us to make full use of big data and take faster evidence-informed decisions- is one of the major impediment to successful completion of big data projects and initiatives.
The aim of this paper is setting out a roadmap to simplify the shift onto the big data journey for businesses by answering ‘How to unleash the promises of big data within an organization?’ It will address the significant key factors to decode big data successfully and suggests a set of main steps to do this. Those key steps in this research are drawn from multiple domains and case studies that are each deemed to constitute the strategic plan.
This paper works through these key factors and outlines how organizations need to use them in their implementation strategy. Tackles the barriers for organizations who are starting the shift to big data or who are already on this journey and suggest how to overcome them. The results demonstrate that there are multiple ways to simplifying big data.


Yara Jubran



Yara Jubran is a freelance researcher and a dynamic professional with diverse experience and multiple interests. Who has completed her Master of Science degree in Management, Business, Innovation and Technology at Athens Information Technology-Greece in 2012 and her undergraduate studies at Yarmouk University-Jordan in 2009.

Yara has work experiences in the private sector, the humanitarian sector, and the academic research field. With a particular area of expertise in establishing a data management system along with monitoring, evaluation, analysis and reporting system.

Yara’s current research interests lie in the field of Data Science, ranging from theory to design to implementation. She is collaborating actively with researchers in several other disciplines, particularly Internet of things, Human-computer interactions and Gamification.

Currently working as an independent researcher examining the needed techniques, technologies, systems, practices, methodologies, and applications that analyze critical data per each field to help in better understanding and make timely informative decisions.



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